Visit one of Lakeland's most delightful valleys and see England's largest wild herds of red deer. Exactly what we see depends on the season and time of day, but you're guaranteed to see some deer or you get your money back!

Springtime sees the deer enjoying the warmth of a new season, and evenings provide a great time to watch them coming off the hills in search of better grazing. The calves are born near the beginning of June and it's a wonderful sight to see them sprinting around as they develop their coordination and strength. In summer you can see the newborn calves and we've counted up to 400 deer in the evening herds that graze in Martindale - a spectacular sight. Autumn is a great time to observe these beautiful animals, with the autumn rut in late October and early November - when you can hear the stags roaring and sometimes fighting - being particularly popular. In winter there's still plenty to see, and spotting a stag etched against the snow is a special moment. There's lots more to see in Martindale as well, from the Bronze Age and Neolithic settlements to it's history as a hunting area and a range of other wildlife including brids of prey, barn owls and other mountain wildlife.

WHERE?  The walk takes place in MARTINDALE - the meeting location is Pooley Bridge - full details provided on booking

WHEN?  Every Thursday - time varies according to season- please phone for details. (Sample meet times - Spring 5pm; Summer 6pm; Autumn 3pm; Winter 1pm;) Groups and private guiding available most days and times by prior arrangement.

DURATION Approx 2 hours 45 mins

YOU'LL NEED Warm and waterproof clothing suitable for the weather on the day (please don't wear bright colours), boots or strong walking shoes, binoculars if you have them, a light snack,/drink.

WE SUPPLY Guide, binoculars, tarp for sitting on, night vision equipment where needed

NOTES The walk is easy - mostly flat, with a short uphill section at the start and a maximum of approx 3km in total. Underfoot conditions are generally good, though it can be wet after rain. There are no toilets in Martindale other than the outdoor variety - nearest toilets at Pooley Bridge. Parking is available in Pooley Bridge near the meeting point - details will be provided when you book. A lmited number of lifts are available from Pooley Bridge to Martindale with the guide. Driving time is approximately 15 minutes.

PRICE £15 Adults and £8 U16s The walk is suitable for children 8 + as long as they're with well-behaved adults!

TO BOOK Contact John White on 07970 138591 / 01931 713115 or email